Willow Sticks for Vases

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Update your home decor with willow sticks for vases. These trendy options can stand alone or be used as centerpiece for any occasion.

Rustic Decorations

What makes branches great as a decor option is their versatility. You can use them as natural accents to farmhouse, country, and primitive styles, but you don’t have to stop with those traditional options.

By pairing them with a modern vase, you can blend them into modern and contemporary styles as well. They’re a great, subtle way to add a rustic, cozy touch to any room.

Centerpiece Ideas

While putting these in a container make excellent stand-alone decorations, you can also incorporate a lot of additions to dress them up. Here are just of the great things you can add:

  • Live Flowers
  • Fake or Dried Flowers
  • Decorative Rocks (This works best if your container is clear or transparent.)
  • Beaded Chains
  • Fruit Branches
  • Lotus Pods

For a great Christmas table centerpiece, try these additions:

  • Fairy lights
  • Mini Ornaments
  • Cranberry Branches
  • Evergreen Branches
  • Bows
  • Sliver and Gold Spray Paint
  • Tinsel

With so many options, these decorations are easy to dress up for any occasion. You can mix and match tons of additions to create your ideal centerpiece.

Centerpiece Decorating Tutorials

This tutorial is a great starting place if you’ve never work with branches or any type of floral design. It’s the first in a series that covers all the basics you need to know to use these to make gorgeous centerpieces:

You can also check out some other resources for inspiration about other ways to use these decorations. There’s so many possibilities, so let your creativity flow.

Enjoy Your Decor

Weddings Flower Arrangements : gold branch with crystals centerpiece

There are plenty of great way to use will sticks for vases in your decor. Get creative, and have fun designing your next great centerpiece with these lovely branches.


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