White and Silver Elegant Reindeer Centerpiece DIY

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I came across this video for this white and silver reindeer centerpiece project and I love the way it came out.

It is indeed elegant, and seemed like could be easily put together.

To see the full tutorial, watch the video below.

DIY Glam Reindeer Centerpeice

My only complaint is that all of the “decorative” parts and even the reindeer itself came from craft supply and home decor stores.

That makes its difficult to replicate as the items stocked in those store frequently change.

However, the overall look and theme can still be achieved easily after watching the video, so I think it’s still a good tutorial.

Silver and White Reindeer Table Top Ideas

With the popularization of farmhouse and contemporary decor, it’s not surprise that white, silver, and gray tones are popular tones to decorate with recently.

This trend carries over into the holiday season as well.

While the table setting above is very glamorous and over-the-top, I think it matches well with the DIY tutorial.

You can see how sticking to these tones can help you create a classy looking table spread.

While I’m sure the one in the photo costs a fair amount of money, it’s easy to see from the video tutorial how you can achieve the same theme for less.

I hope this has inspired you and helped you with your decor planning this season!



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