Vintage Christmas Home Decorating and Craft Books

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A Christmas Thrift Adventure

This weekend I made a trip to my local thrift store and was delighted by all of the Christmas items they have put out. It still seems a little early, we haven’t even had Thanksgiving yet! But, early is better for those who are serious about their Christmas shopping.

Surprisingly, there were many ugly Christmas sweaters, plenty of Christmas ornaments, and even wrapping paper.


But what I was most excited to see was a few vintage Christmas books about home decorating and crafts. They were all so charming and quaint. Vintage books always seem to be a reminder of gentler times.

One book I flipped through even had patterns in the back for all of their craft ideas, like stockings and Christmas dolls.


I found two books from Better Homes and Gardens from the years 1985, and 1986. I wish I had picked them up so I could share pictures with you all. The prices were beyond affordable at under $2 for each.


But I only had enough cash for what I came for, a very useful lamp.
I can’t say enough – and will not soon yet stop posting – about what a wonderful resource thrift stores are. Especially during holidays and special events like this Christmas season.

You can find a plethora of things related to the holiday for a minimal cost. It’s really invaluable if you are hosting a party or just have an interest in decorating.

For those who change their decorations each season, don’t forget to drop off last season’s decor at your local thrift store as a donation so the rest of us can make good use of it.

I would love to know what you find, or what your proudest find is. Leave a comment below to let me know!



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