Unique Christmas Holiday Decor

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If want to do something different this holiday season, try out some of these unique Christmas Holiday Decor ideas. They can get you out of any decoration rut, no matter how serious.

Indoor Decorations

To do something different with your tree, stockings, and shelves, check out these options. They’re perfect for anyone who wants to have some fun with their decorations!

Jellyfish Ornaments

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These jellyfish are the perfect ornaments for any coastal themed tree. I love the amount of detail contained in each of these. They’ve got pearls and ribbons and tones of character.

Ornaments like these are perfect as focal points. That means you only need a few, spaced out across the tree. They’ll have a big visual impact so you don’t need too many.

Pet Paw Stocking

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Really treat your pet as a member of the family by getting them their own stocking! Lots of families with pets have the tradition of getting their pets gifts during the year. These stockings are a great way to carry way to carry on that tradition.

Hang them up with the rest of your stockings along your mantle or wall. Fill them with little toys and treats to let your pet enjoy unwrapping presents as much as you do! (Of course, you should probably wait to put the treats in until the morning of.)

Pink and White Nutcracker

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Nutcrackers are considered a traditional decoration, but there’s a surprising amount of variation in styles. This one has a ballet theme, which it why he’s covered in pink, white, and sparkles.

It’s an unexpected look for a nutcracker, but it’s also very pretty. He’s the perfect addition if you’re doing a pink or dessert themed design. He’d also work well as a pop of color for white or metallic color schemes.

Outdoor Decorations

Not everyone decorates the exterior of their house, but any one who does knows that it can be just as difficult as decorating the interior, if not more so.

In order to dress up your lawn with something different, here are some interesting options for you to try.

Firework Lights

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These firework lights are a great option if you want to break away from traditional. You can use them between larger decor pieces as extra lighting, or as accents along a pathway or driveway.

For a simple design, These would also be gorgeous with giant outdoor ornaments, or similar items. You can put those options together in a flower bed or around the front door for an easy design.

Inflatable Tyrannosaurus Rex

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This T-rex is the ideal option if you’re bored with the usual inflatables. This dinosaur is still seasonal, what with the Santa outfit, but it’s certainly different from the snowmen, penguins, and other holiday characters you’d expect.

It also happens to be six feet tall. At this size, it’s going to make a statement in your yard. For a small or medium sized yard, this dinosaurs Santa can stand alone. All you would have to do is pair it with some gift boxes or other, smaller accents.

Inflatable Fire Breathing Dragon

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If the Tyrannosaurus Rex wasn’t extreme enough for you, try this fire breathing dragon.

For a terrifying creature, this one seems pretty friendly. Probably because he’s using his fire to toast marshmallows and warm up a mug of hot cocoa. It’s a surprisingly cute design.

Like his reptilian counterpart, this inflatable is six feet tall, making him the perfect focal point for any design.

Making a Design Your Own

Just because it’s a specific season, doesn’t mean you should miss out on an opportunity to express your individuality. Traditional decorations are classics for a reason, but they don’t work for everyone.

Luckily, if you want to break the mold a bit this season, there are plenty of great options. You can go in a completely different direction, whether that means ocean themed, or even dinosaur themed decorations. In fact, you can go with whatever theme you like, no matter how unique.

Since it’s just once a year, have fun with your design. Change it up, be bold, and make the most of one of the best times of the year with you own take on unique Christmas holiday decor.



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