Shabby Chic Christmas Decorations

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The key to finding the best shabby chic Christmas decorations is to stick with your theme. Figure out what elements of the style that you like best, and try to find decorations that incorporate those elements well.

For the list below, we choose to stick with a few basic, but classic elements of shabby chic style to create a list of decorations that should help you carry that theme throughout your house.

Those elements are white and pink colors, glitter accents, and whimsical shapes.

If you want to see all of picks, keep reading below.

Shabby Chic Christmas Decorations

White Pinecone Ornaments

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These obviously provide a more natural, nature themed look. It works well with a country or Americana theme as well. But for shabby chic, it has that whimsical effect and white, glittery color scheme that fit right in.

Pink Heart Shaped Ornaments

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Another popular shabby chic color theme is pastels, most commonly baby pink or baby blue. These hearts have that perfect pale hued pink to create that effect.

These would work well if you’re looking to be a little more simplistic or minimalist with your decor this year. You could use these alone and pair them with lights and tinsel to complete your tree, or use these as a backdrop to showcase some more detailed ornaments.

Glitter Snowflake Ornaments

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These would pair perfectly with the hearts above to create a simple, yet stylish design. By themselves they are also effective.

The details in the snowflakes themselves are quality, and the glitter finish helps make them pop even more.

White and Silver Faux Roses

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These faux roses are not ornaments, but they can still be a part of your holiday decor. Most likely they will stick on the tree easily, but you can place them anywhere you want.

They would be an elegant touch to a centerpiece, mantel, wreath, etc.

Chandelier Icicle Ornaments

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These icicles are quite glamorous. When searching for shabby chic decor, things like these with dangles and crystals are popular.

They definitely encapsulate what the idea of “chic”.

White Set of Christmas Bulbs

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The base of your Christmas tree will be your baubles, or round ornament set. It’s sets the tone for the rest of the tree and ties in your tree with the decor scheme of the rest of your house.

What’s great is that now days it’s easy to find a spectacular, yet affordable set like this one to help make that big decision easier.

Pink Christmas Ornament Set

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If all white isn’t for you, then you can add some color with this pink and white ornament set.

The different textures and finishes make this set even more attractive. You could also pair this with a solid color set to liven up the look even more.

In any case, it serves as a great base to be paired with the rest of your ornaments or tree trimmings.

Iridescent Christmas Tree Garland

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Surprisingly, it’s hard to find tinsel that fits with the shabby chic theme. I think a light pink or white color would work perfectly. Since most shabby chic trees are pink or white, having the traditional green tinsel would clash too much.

This iridescent tinsel would nicely complement the lighter toned and pastel colors that are typically used in this style.

Shabby Chic Christmas Angel

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Of course you can’t be finished decorating your tree until you have a tree topper. While gold stars are popular toppers, they might clash with this style.

Using an angel such as this that sticks to the light colors and glitter of the other decorations is a better choice.

Glitter Heart Shaped Christmas Ornaments

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Finally, we have the most detailed option. These pink and white glitter heart ornament set. It’s colorful, shiny, and has a pretty shape.

If you’re someone who prefers this bold type of style rather than the other more toned down decorations on this list, perhaps these would suit you more.

They are certainly show-stopping!

Shabby Chic Christmas Decoration Ideas

That’s it for our shabby chic Christmas decoration ideas. As you can see, you can easily create a shabby chic theme with just a few affordable decorations.

Whether your focus is the tree or the rest of your interior, there are plenty of ways to style it for the holidays.

Good luck!



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