Shabby Chic Christmas Bunting

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Shabby chic Christmas bunting is a wholesome way to bring that cozy vintage style to your holiday home.

Shabby chic is my personal favorite decorating style. I particularly like the country, but also ornate French influences that it derives from.

Some may think it’s a little tacky or over-the-top, but it’s lasted the test of time so that’s how you know it’s classic.

An easy and affordable way to incorporate this style during the holiday season is with the bunting seen below.

Shabby Chic Christmas Banner Flags

These are probably some of the most colorful Christmas decorations you’ve ever seen. They are extremely bright and vibrant as well.

This type of style works well in warmer and sunnier climates where Christmas doesn’t always mean being snuggled up in a blanket next to the fireplace.

But of course, it doesn’t matter where you’re from if you fall in love with the playful patterns and textures that cover each flag.

The thing I like most about these is their design. Each flag is unique and each banner is unique, yet they all stick to the theme well.

It would really just come down to what shape and color scheme you like best.

I think these would be perfect to hang on the fireplace mantel or around the tree. They certainly have the ability to make any plain setting or background pop.



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