Reindeer Table Top Decorations

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Reindeer table top decorations are the perfect finishing pieces for your Christmas table spread.

While it easy to find reindeer figurines, finding their larger counterparts can be challenging. Luckily, I was able to find some slightly larger than average sized figurines to help you decorate your table nicely.

Reindeer Figurines

Each of these figurines have only the animal as the focal point, with some smaller details added in.

Some have a base as well, which can help give it more of a centerpiece feel.

There are a variety of different materials and finishes used as well.

That makes it very convenient to match whatever decor theme you’ve chosen to use this year.

As well, they are quite varied in price, with some that are very affordable and others that are more of a splurge.

Hopefully no matter what the cost, each of them can be an investment that you get to use year after year.

Whether you are looking for smaller, figurine-like decorations to set around the table, or larger centerpiece-like decorations, you have several options available.

Large Reindeer Centerpiece Ideas

If you were looking for more elaborate, larger pieces as shown like the one above, I’m sorry to disappoint you.

I did try searching, but honestly could not find any.

It seems that where most people are able to get them is from stores like Home Goods or Michaels during the holiday season.

Don’t forget to try your local Goodwill and thrift stores as well.

Farmhouse Deer Head Wall Mount

The closest thing I could find that was on a similar grand scale was this white, faux deer head.

Obviously it is meant for your walls and not your table, however if you had your heart set on this look, I don’t think this is a bad consolation.

I hope you enjoyed our picks for reindeer table top decorations and that you’ll be able to create a wonderful holiday table spread or centerpiece this year with them.

For more ideas, see this reindeer centerpiece DIY.



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