Primitive Christmas Tree Decorations

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Check out these great primitive Christmas tree decorations to give your holiday a great traditional touch. Although it can stand on it’s own, this style is also the perfect complement to any country or farmhouse decor.

The great thing about styles like these is that they make for a cozy holiday. When done well, they won’t feel too old fashioned or out of place. Instead, you’ll have a quaint looking home that’s ready for snuggling and gifts, and all the other great parts of the winter season.

For some great options, try one of the ornaments below:

If you’re wondering how to fit these options into your style, don’t worry! Even if your decor has a modern touch to, you can work these items in seamlessly.

One reason for this is the fact that it favors simple, rustic looks. Plain wooden or metal ornaments are popular with this style. These pair well with modern farmhouse decor because of their simplicity.

This style also has a lot of traditional shapes and patterns which looks great with country decor. Stars, scalloped edges, and quilted patches are all hallmarks of this style. Those elements of primitive Christmas tree decorations may not work for modern decor, but they incorporate well with other country accents.



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