Indoor Christmas Window Lights

Give your holiday interior a dreamy feel with these indoor Christmas window lights. These hanging options are ideal for making the inside of your home cozy and bright, even in the coldest season. Decorating These typically come as the string or curtain variety, although there are plenty of other styles you can also choose from….

Light Blue Christmas Tree Ideas

Embrace the pastels this season with a light blue Christmas tree. This option may seem a little unusual, but it’s a beautiful way to do something different with your decor. One great way to utilize this color is to go coastal. Ocean or coastal themed ornaments have become more and more popular in recent years….

Cheap Icicle Tree Tinsel

One of the easiest, most affordable ways to jazz up your Christmas tree for the holidays is to drape tinsel over it. It can often be an afterthought or omitted altogether, because we focus so much on getting the ornaments and the lighting just right. But as a finishing touch, it can take your tree…

Thrift Store Christmas Decorations

One of my favorite places to shop for Christmas decorations (or really just about anything) is thrift stores. Now, I’ve moved around a lot so one disclaimer is that the the inventory varies based on your location. You may be thinking that’s and obvious assumption, but you’d be surprised by just how much it varies…