Outdoor Toy Soldier Christmas Decorations

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For some classic holiday aesthetic, consider adding an outdoor toy soldier Christmas decoration to your yard. These figures are instantly recognizable, and add some vintage fun to your holiday decor.

These figurines became popular as holiday decor because of their role in that most classic of holiday tales: The Nutcraker.

Originally a short story, and then a famous ballet, The Nutcracker is so embedded in holiday decor, that it’s almost hard to notice. The toy soldiers, with their red and green uniforms that we’re all so familiar with, are just one example.

If you’re looking to add these beloved holiday figures to your lawn this season, here are some great options:

One of the great things about these figures is that they already have tons of holiday colors in their design. That makes them fit in perfectly with most holiday decor. You don’t have to worry as much about finding one to match with your tree, lights, and other things

They’re also a way to keep to classic holiday figures, while still doing something different. Most holiday inflatables tend to be Santa, snowmen, or reindeer. These provide you with another option without having to go too far outside the box.

Most of them are indoor/outdoor use as well.

Let these outdoor toy soldier Christmas decorations guard your lawn or your front door, and enjoy an old holiday favorite that’s sure to stick around for generations to come.



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