Outdoor Christmas Lamp Post

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To make your home look straight out of a picturesque and cozy holiday village, try an outdoor Christmas lamp post.

It may seem strange to put a streetlight in your yard, but don’t knock this idea just yet. These make surprisingly great holiday decorations.

Here are some great product options to get you started:

Functionally, these are great because they can help you brighten up any dark areas on your lawn. If you want to highlight a particular area, or decoration, these are prefect.

Plus, most are easy to install. A lot of options are battery or solar powered, which means you don’t have to worry about fussing with extension cords and electricity. Just fix them in place and they’re ready to go.

Decor-wise, they’re equally useful and easy. Their main draw is that they look vintage. They can give your design that classic, holiday village look that people love.

Because of that, you can pretty much put them into your yard plain. There’s no need for any additional decorations or accents.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t make them even more fancy. To dress them up a bit, you can wrap them with other holiday items. A bit of garland, ribbon, or a large bow would make the perfect accent.

Either way, these are still a great and easy way to add some extra light and vintage flair into your exterior holiday decor.



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