Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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For many holiday decor enthusiasts, the exterior of the house is even more important than the interior

Displays and light shows have gotten so complex that they’re enough to warrant entire television shows, dedicated to the most beautiful ones.

On a smaller scale, it’s not uncommon for families to drive around neighborhoods known for their lights, just to enjoy the view.

Of course, your display doesn’t have to be anything that serious. A simple set of lights, some fun decorations, maybe even an inflatable, can transform your yard.

Whether your looking to make a holiday wonderland, or just spread a little extra holiday cheer, our outdoor Christmas decoration guide is here to help. Check it out to find explanations for all the hottest decor, as well as ideas for how to style them.


When it comes to lights, there are more options than ever. From the traditional to the technological, you have a lot of ways to be creative with how you choose to light your home.

For tips on how to use lights, or how many Christmas lights to buy, check out our holiday light guide.

Traditional Lights

These are the string lights that we’re all used to seeing. You can use the to decorate your house, any trees you might have, your porch, or wherever else needs a little brightness. Just make sure your purchasing an option suitable for outdoor use, and you’re good to go.

Curtain or Rain Lights

Rather than traditional lights which are made to be wrapped and twisted any which way, curtain and rain lights are maid to hang down vertically.

Curtain lights are good for use around gazebos, or off of overhangs. They look exactly like their names sake: a curtain made of out strings of lights. Typically, these are made to stretch all the way to the ground or floor, so they’re pretty large. You’ll probably need help to hang these.

Rain lights are smaller and cover less space. They have a tube-like structure at the end, that houses all the lights. You can hang these from trees, porch overhangs, windows, and more. Typically they’re used like icicles, so let that help you guide your placement if your unsure.

Both options create a gorgeous, dreamy atmosphere wherever they’re placed. They’re a nice break from the typical light designs people use during the holidays.


Projectors cast images or light shows onto the exterior walls of your house.

Some have simple images, like a snowflake or star pattern. Others have more complex patterns like ornaments and other Christmas images.

The great thing about projectors is that you’re getting a lot of decor out of one purchase. They can make your design look more complex and sophisticated than it is. As such, they’re a great purchase if you want a lot of lights without the work.


For string lights of any type, (be it traditional, curtain, or rain), you can purchase a timer to save you some effort and electricity. With a timer, you can set the lights to turn on only during specific hours. This means you don’t have to run out in the cold to turn them on in the evening, and off in the morning. It also helps you avoid spending a ridiculous amount on electricity by forgetting to turn them off during the day.

And for the truly ambitious, timers can help you turn your plain lights into a holiday light show.

Here’s a great video that show’s you the basics of how to use these devices:


To make a statement on your lawn, try some figures. Popular figures like Santa, reindeer, and snowmen, can help take up all the extra space on your front lawn. They’re also fun to fill up a balcony with (just make sure you’ve attached them well.)

Here are some of the different figures you can purchase:

Light-up Christmas Figures

Light-up figures are made of lights, shaped into common Christmas figures. The most common ones are reindeer, and sleighs, although there are others.

These are really gorgeous, and they tend to fit right in with whatever lights you already have, so there’s no need to worry if you’re going for a particular styles.

And if that’s not enough for you, there are also options that move.


Another great options for figures are inflatables. These are essentially large balloons, that you can place on your yard. There are plenty of options, for these, from the simple ones like Santa and other holiday characters, to huge snow-globes.

The great things about these is that they’re easy to install. Just stet them up and inflate them.

The downside is that they tend to take up a lot of room. Make sure you’re planing out where you’ll be placing them so that they don’t cover up any other decor.

Oversized Items

Another great decor option is to use common indoor decor items and have been enlarged and treated for outdoor use. These can help fill up any spaces in your yard that feel plain or underutilized.

Because they are smaller than most yard decorations, they can be placed throughout. This mean yous can decorate your whole lawn, and not just the largest spaces out front.

Here are some great options:

Oversized Ornaments

Oversized Christmas tree ornaments make great holiday decor, for indoors or outdoors. You can hang them from your porch or roof line, to add to any Christmas lights. You can also put them in your flower beds, or around your porch steps

Other Christmas Yard Decorations

To really dress up your lawn, consider these other decor options. They aren’t as noticeable as some of their larger ones, but they can make a huge difference in the overall look of your design.

Here are some great options you can use to accent your other decorations:

Pathway Markers

Pathway markers are lights that you place along the path up to your front door, although they can also be used around flowers beds, trees, and to mark out other areas.

They come in a variety of styles, from holiday bulbs to snowflakes. There’s even some with classic holiday movie figures on them.

For an option that you won’t have to fuss with, try and get a set that it solar powered. These will charge up during the day so that they can light up at night. And the best part is, you wont have to spend money on extra electricity or batteries.

Vintage Lamp Posts

For a cute, antique touch, add a vintage style lamp post to your yard. These can make your home look like a scene right out of A Christmas Carol. Especially if you decorate them with bows, garland, or string lights.

They’re also a functional addition. Place them next to some decor that you feel isn’t being lit up enough by your other lighting.

When shopping, look for options that are battery operated. That way all you have to do is place them in your lawn, and they’re good to go!

Window Silhouettes

These are the lighted outlines of figures or holiday items that you can hang in your windows. They’re typically kept inside the house, between the windows and curtains, so that you can see them outside.

The best part of these is that they’re a way to add a lot of lights, without any actual effort. Just hang them and plug them in, and you’re done.

They’re a great way to have lights on the exterior of your home, even if you can’t, or simply don’t feel like, breaking out the ladder and hanging up traditional lights.

Nativity Scenes

If you prefer traditional or religious decor, you can opt to fill your lawn with a nativity scene. There are a lot of different styles for these, whether you want something detailed or minimalist. There are also options with lights.

Making the Most of Your Yard

A yard display is a great way to have everyone, not just your family and friends, enjoy your holiday decor.

You can really go bold with large figures and plenty of different kinds of lights. You can even time them to make a light show.

Of course, not all of us are gifted designers. For anyone who wants to take it easy, things like inflatables, window silhouettes, and projectors can help you maximize your design, without the work.

And don’t forget the pathway markers, oversized ornaments, and other small touches that can help you make the entire lawn look holiday ready.

Regardless of what you decide to do, remember that the holidays are about spreading joy and cheer. Decorating your yard is just one of many ways you can do so.



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