Navy Blue Christmas Tree

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Do something unexpected this holiday season with a navy blue Christmas tress. This winter addition is the perfect way to welcome in the coldest time of year.

Embrace the cold inside and out with one of the most underrated holiday colors. While everyone typically associates red and green with the holidays, there are plenty of other colors that are just as appropriate.

If you want to branch out to some different, but still traditional options, here are some products you can consider:

You may feel intimidated by the color of this tree, but don’t. It provides a lot of options for some striking color-schemes that wouldn’t work as well on a green background.

Pairing it with white and silver is sure to create the perfect winter aesthetic. For this style, skip the garland and pile on the tinsel for an almost glam look.

You can also take it in a different direction with plenty of gold accents. Paired with white, they’ll really pop against the darker background.

For lighting, skip red and multi-color lights, as these will likely clash. Go for white and yellow options instead.

Navy Blue Christmas Decorations

If a tree is too much blue for you, why not try navy blue Christmas decorations? Navy or blue and silver is a very popular color combination for Christmas.

It pairs very nicely with traditional green trees because of the contrast it provides. It’s also an alternative to the red and green color scheme for people who don’t like the complimenting accent color, gold.

Check out some ideas below:

As you can see, there are many navy blue Christmas ornaments. They come in various styles from plain to those with glitter accents.

Some also have unique designs and patterns, like snowflakes. These would be the perfect accent piece to any tree.

However, you can also find decorations for your house, not just the tree!

If you’re theme this year includes this deep, bold color, you can surely find accessories in this color to dress up your whole house.

Decorating your home for the holidays can be a challenge for sure, but if you pick a bold color such as this, it will easily pop out wherever you put it, doing all the hard work for you.

Of course, sticking to any set color scheme isn’t necessary. For the holidays, the key is to do something that you and your loved ones can all enjoy. Have fun with your style, and don’t be afraid to think outside the box like with these navy blue Christmas trees and navy blue Christmas decorations.



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