Meteor Shower Christmas Lights

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Led meteor shower rain lights are the perfect Christmas decoration if you want to do something unique. They can add a dreamy, or wintery look depending on what you’re going for.

The thing that sets rain Christmas light apart is their unique look. Rather than a delicate string of lights, wrapping around or hanging down in a long thin strand, these lights are thicker tubes hanging down in one spot. Hence the name, since they look like heavy rain, or the front of a shooting star.

If you’re curious about this style of holiday lighting, here are some options to consider:

What makes these options great is that they add dimension and variation to your holiday lighting design. They’re also easier to install, since you just let them hang, rather than having to wrap them around.

If you use rain lights for trees in your front yard or backyard, they can also look like icicles. To get this effect, go with white or blue bulbs. Although yellow bulbs are still great. They produce a really dreamy, almost fairy-like effect.

If you want them around your house, they look great hanging around a porch, or off the roof line. Just make sure you’re not putting them in the way of an area that people will have to walk through.

Overall, these are a great option for changing up your usual, holiday decor. Pick up a set of meteor shower Christmas lights and see what they can do for your yard!



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