Mason Jar Christmas Decorations

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Mason jar Christmas decorations are a surefire way to decorate your home more cozy this holiday season. Use the ideas below for inspiration on how to utilize them best.

Mason Jar Christmas Ideas

So, you may be stumped on how to incorporate a glass jar into your decorations this year, and I was too. I mean, what are you supposed to do? Attach some string to it and hang it form the tree? It’s much too heavy for that.

But then I started searching for ideas and it all started to make sense.

As you can see, there are actually quite a few different ways you can have a mason jar themed Christmas.

The first is a personalized ornament that will be a real custom decorations. Next, is the adorable mini jars, that you can fill with Christmas themed accessories or decorations like Christmas confetti. You can also put hand-written messages in them to give as Christmas gifts; don’t forget a bow on top to make it extra festive!

The next fun idea is string lights that you fill your jars with to create a magical looking light display.

Finally, there are mason jar sconces that are more of a year-round decoration, but will work just fine to create a farmhouse Christmas theme as well.

Mason jars have surely made a comeback in popular culture recently, from Pinterest ideas to Farmhouse decor. It’s no wonder that we would like to incorporate them during the holiday season as well.

If you were looking for ways to do so, hopefully you enjoyed our mason jar Christmas decoration ideas!



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