Lighted Garland for Mantle

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Spruce up your fireplace this holiday season with a lighted garland for mantle pieces. Spreading a garland or greenery above your fireplace is as easy as it gets, but what about taking it to the next level?

These lighted options work well to jazz up your decor and add to the atmosphere on a cold wintry night.

To see our best picks, keep reading below.

Mantle Garlands with Lights

Indoor/Outdoor Frosted Garland

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This frosted garland comes with all the trimmings like berries and pine cones. These extra touches make it look more realistic. The length is quite long as well at 9 feet.

Perfect for draping across and over your mantle, it will most likely frame the whole thing.

I especially like how this one is made for indoor or outdoor use so that you can have the option to do something different with it when you feel like it, like draping it over your front door.

Pre-Lit Cordless Artificial Garland for Mantel

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This one is very similar to the previous option, just a little more toned down. There are berries, but no pine cones. It’s perfect for those who prefer a more minimal style.

The cordless features makes it very versatile and convenient. It is for indoor and outdoor use, so not having to worry about outlets to plug it into means you can put it wherever you want, making it very versatile.

Garland with Red Ornaments

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This option is more elaborately decorated, with ornaments and sprigs. Some elements also have a glittery or shiny effect.

It is battery operated, with a timer that automatically turns it on and off after a certain number of hours.

If you prefer something more detailed like this, it’s a great option.

As it does require batteries, keep that in mind. Something like this will require more than just a couple of batteries.

White Flocked Garland with Warm Lights

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This garland is stunning with it’s faux snow and warm lights. There are other options for the type of light or no lights as well.

If you have a white or snow-covered theme this year, this garland will match perfectly.

It will also go great with dark wood finishes to create contrast.

Extra Long Garland for Mantel with Lights

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While the average size for these garlands seems to be 9 feet, this one is an impressive 50 feet.

That’s hard to imagine, but perhaps you want your garland to drape across the mantel all the way down to the floor.

It’s simple in design, but it will be a showstopping piece due to it’s size.

That’s it for our picks for lighted garlands for mantles. As you can see, there are many different styles, lengths, and colors to choose from.

Some advice for buyers:

Most of these options are not specifically for mantels, they are just designed for indoor and outdoor use.

As such, be sure to take the measurements of your mantel and compare it to the measurements of the garland before purchasing to make sure it’s right for your needs.

Also, most options are cordless, and most likely battery powered. Be sure to look at what type of batteries it requires, how many of them you need, and if any are included and if that works for you.

Another thing to check is if replacement bulbs are included. As is the case with many pre-lit or lighted Christmas decorations, (especially strings of light), there may be cases of a few bulbs going out or not lighting up. This is an easy fix if replacement bulbs are included.

While garlands are an easy and fun options, there are infinite ways to decorate your fireplace mantel for Christmas, so don’t be afraid to let your creativity loose this season.



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