Lighted Christmas Window Decorations Indoor

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Choose something you can enjoy both inside and out this season, and go with lighted Christmas window decorations indoor instead of outdoors. These silhouettes are the perfect outdoor decor that doesn’t actually require you to brave the cold to set them up!

How to Use

These options are great because of how simple they are. Just hang them up in your window, (you can use command hooks or whatever system the product suggests) and then plug them in. There’s no fussing with long extra long extension cords or ladders, even if you’re decorating the second floor!

There are also plenty of silhouettes to choose from. You can go with holiday favorites like Santa and his reindeer, or you can choose winter favorites like snowflake and holly.

Either way, you’ve got an easy way to hang lights from the comfort of your home. And if you want to enjoy the view inside your house, simply change the direction they’re facing.

If you’re interested in trying these for the upcoming holiday season, here are some options to look through:

These are one of the easiest holiday indoor decorations to install.

By placing these options between the window and shades, you’re decorating the exterior of your house, from the inside.

Of course, if you raise the shades, you also get to enjoy their brightness and fun images from the inside as well.

Overall, lighted Christmas window decorations are a great option for any holiday decor enthusiast.



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