Light Pink Christmas Tree

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Have fun with your decor this year by trying out a light pink Christmas tree. This option is the perfect way to do something unexpected, but still stylish this holiday season.

It’s certainly outside the usual colors schemes, but this color isn’t any less worthy of great holiday decor. It may not be traditional, but it’s still got a lot to offer.

There are plenty of possibilities and directions you can go with this style. If you’re curious to try it for yourself, here are some products to consider:

If you’re not really sure where to take this color, don’t worry! There are plenty of easy ways to style it.

One popular option is to do a dessert tree:

Pastel Pink Dessert Ornament Christmas Tree

Candy Pink Christmas Tree with Cupcakes, Lollipops, Candies, Ice Creams and Gingerbreads!

Desert and baking ornaments are a growing trend, owing to the fact that they look good enough to eat, and tend to be covered in bright colors and glitter. They’re the perfect addition to this style of holiday decor. Plus, this color will make them stand out more than the typical green.

Another option is to pair it with plenty of white and metallic accents. Any color metallic is going to look good on this option, particularly rose gold. Of course, the traditional gold and sliver will also work.

These are the two simplest options, but there are plenty of other ways to style this color. Push your creativity to the limits, and make the most of your colorful holiday decor with a light pink Christmas tree.


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