Led Spiral Christmas Tree

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Have a minimalist and modern holiday with an led spiral Christmas tree. Although simple, these holiday decorations are festive and stylish-perfect for any modern decor!

These decorations are made mostly out of wire and lights. They’re usually white, with white lights, but there are some different variations. You can get a gold option with yellow lights if you want something a little warmer, or you can get multi-color lights for something fun and bold.

They have a clean, conical shape, that tapers into a topper, usually a star or something similarly traditional.

But unlike traditional holiday options, these decorations aren’t really made to be covered in ornaments and garland. They stand alone, ready to go. So while they don’t make great focal points like traditional options, they’re the perfect choice for an easy accent.

Many of them are made to be use outdoors as well, so they’re also easy lawn decorations. You can use them between larger, centerpiece decorations, as added lighting. You can even buy different sizes to make a small forest.

Indoors and out, they have a lot of styling possibilities. If you’re interested in these decorations, check out the options below:

Even with a straightforward decoration like these, there are still a variety of options. This gives you room to incorporate your own particular decor tastes, be it minimal, traditional, or funky.

Versatile and easy, LED spiral Christmas trees are a great option for both inside and outside any home.


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