Large Outdoor Christmas Balls

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Too fill out your holiday yard decor, check out these great, large outdoor Christmas balls. They’re the perfect way to add some decor to any forgotten areas on your lawn.

I love these options because they’re versatile, and also beautiful. They’re such an easy way to make your lawn look more complex, even when you’ve gone easy on the lights and decorations.

Here are some options that we thought would look perfect for a holiday lawn:

Top Picks

Here are some products that we though looked great for any exterior holiday decor. They can be used to dress up your lawn, a tree, or any area outside your home.

This list includes several styles of ornaments, to help you find the one that’s right for your decor needs.

Giant Red and White Snowflake Ornament with LED lights

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This option is great because it’s got so many details. The white snowflake pattern is already great, but they add in sparkles and gems to make it even more fancy. And I also like that it comes with built in LED lights.

If you’re looking for something to have on the ground, near your porch or other important areas, this one is perfect. It’s also a good option if you’re looking to balance out some of the bigger items in your decor, like inflatables.

Jumbo Shatterproof Christmas Ornaments

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This option is a more traditional style of ornament. While the first on is made more to sit on the ground as an added decoration, this one is better for hanging up.

It’s the prefect option for decorating an outdoor tree, or doing other exterior designs. You can hang them form a porch, string together different sizes in a garland, or use them for a large wreath.

There are plenty of other colors and options available for this type of product. If this one doesn’t work for you design, click the link and check out the related products for more options.

Holiday Starlight Sphere

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This is the smallest option on the list, but it’s still big enough, and unique enough to warrant a recommendation.

These are a little different than the typical ornaments, since their surface is made entirely made of lights.

I love these as an accent to any lighted silhouettes you may already have in your yard. They’re ideal for anyone who wants to go with a modern look by only having light-up decorations.

They’re also designed to be stacked, so it’s easy to pair multiples together. You can mix colors and sizes to create a really interesting holiday light display.

Finding Your Perfect Ornament

When shopping, consider first what you want from your decor. For something will look good on the ground, go with a larger one, like the first option. 16″ and larger ornaments are big enough to be noticeable, without being overwhelming. You can also find ones with gorgeous patterns and built-in lights.

For something that will be hanging on a tree or around the exterior of your house, a smaller, shatterproof option is better. These are safer and easier to hang. And they even make light-up ones, if you want more of a statement piece. They also happen to be more budget friendly, since people typically buy multiples.

From there, it’s easy to choose colors and styles. If you’re using a lot of these, I recommend mixing up colors and sizes to keep the design from looking too boring.

And if you didn’t see anything you like in this article, you can check out our article about giant lawn ornaments as well, for more options.

Regardless of what you pick, keep in mind that decorating your yard is a great way to spread some holiday cheer. It does take some effort, but it’s worth it to know that you’re making something everyone can enjoy.



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