Kitchen Utensil Christmas Ornaments

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Kitchen utensil Christmas ornaments are thoughtful gift ideas for anyone who loves cooking or baking in your life. They are fun, kitsch, and can even be personalized.

They are very affordable as well.

These types of ornaments come as single utensils or in sets. Some have more than one item included in the design even though they are just one bauble.

To see our top picks, keep reading below.

Kitchen Utensil Themed Ornaments for Christmas Trees

Kitchen Utensils in Holder Ornament

Old World Christmas Ornaments: Kitchen Utensils Glass Blown Ornaments for Christmas Tree

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Rather than a single utensil, this ornament features several kitchen gadgets all in one holder. There is a glitter finish to some of the items as well. The design is 360 degrees so angle will have the same theme.

Rolling Pin Baking Ornament

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If you prefer a solitary style, like this single utensil, this rolling pin is a better option. It is still decorated in the spirit of Christmas, but you can clearly see that it is a kitchen utensil used for baking.

Measuring Spoons Ornament

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Another ornament perfect for baking enthusiasts is this measuring spoon ornament. It is very vibrant in color and has glitter accents again as well.

Unique Personalized Wood Engraved Spatula Ornament

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If you’re looking for something truly custom, have a look at this personalized spatula. While some other ornaments might be great stocking stuffers, something like this is an excellent gift idea that let’s the other person know how much you appreciate all their effort in the kitchen.

Kitchen Utensils Gingerbread Ornament Set

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If you don’t mind some gingerbread men getting in the mix, this utensil set comes with a variety of tools. There’s a rolling pin, spatula, and wooden mixing spoon. The design is very festive and it’s nice that you get more than one ornament in this set.

Pink Spatula Ornament

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This adorable ornament is of a pink spatula with a gingerbread sitting on top. It incorporates the baking and cooking theme perfectly with Christmas, while still having a girly design rather than over-the-top red and green.

Dutch Oven Ornament

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As the ornament says, this one is perfect for that special home chef in your life. It features a dutch oven that is loved by many who have to spend a lot of time in the kitchen, along with some tried and true utensils hanging off the bottom. This one truly embodies the “cooking” theme.

That’s all for our top kitchen utensil Christmas ornaments. I hope they’ve inspired you to find the right gift for the avid chef, home cook, or baker in your life. It’s the perfect token of gratitude for all their hard work cooking meals and serving them with love.



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