Indoor Christmas Window Lights

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Give your holiday interior a dreamy feel with these indoor Christmas window lights. These hanging options are ideal for making the inside of your home cozy and bright, even in the coldest season.


These typically come as the string or curtain variety, although there are plenty of other styles you can also choose from.

Although most commonly associated with Bohemian decor, that doesn’t mean you can’t use them to add to your holiday decor as well.

You can go with with different shapes and light colors depending on the look you want. There are even snowflake ones, if you really like to play up winter motifs in your decor.

Of course, the classic curtain style is also great. The tiny bulbs are what help create that fairy-like, dreamy atmosphere.


Like other string options, most of these do come with timers, so you don’t have to worry about turning them on and off all the time. Some are also battery operated, or USB compatible. That means you can hang them without having to worry about extension cords or outlet placement. Just double check the information about your product choice to see what features it includes.

For some great options you can look through, check out these:

Even though most options follow the same basic principles, that doesn’t mean there’s no variety available. Overall, indoor Christmas window lights are a cute and easy way to add a little extra brightness to the interior of your home.



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