Handmade Mini Christmas Trees

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Handmade mini Christmas trees are the perfect way to keep the Holiday spirit around wherever you go. They are essentially a portable Christmas tree.

They are also perfect for small spaces, or as festive centerpieces.

So whether it’s your desk at work or your dining room table that you are planning to get one of these for, have a look at our picks below to help you choose the best one for you.

Handmade or Handmade Style Inspired Mini Christmas Trees

24 Inch Wooden Christmas Tree

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Unique handmade wooden miniature Christmas tree that you can hang ornaments from.

Tabletop Plug In Mini Christmas Tree

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Mini lit Christmas tree that you can plug in, perfect for your desk or home office.

Mini Christmas Tree Centerpiece Figurine

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Artistic looking abstract Christmas tree centerpiece.

Mini Christmas Tree Decor

That’s it for our top picks. There are distinct styles of Christmas trees even in miniature form like the ones above.

The ones that come pre-decorated are perfect for a desk or cubicle because there is no extra set up necessary.

The ones without decoration are perfect for a centerpiece because you can have fun as a family decorating them to your liking.

Handmade mini Christmas trees are certainly a novelty item, but they will surely bring joy to anyone who needs them.


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