Gold Artificial Christmas Tree

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Add a little extravagance to your holiday decorations with a gold artificial Christmas Tree. This bright metallic is the perfect option for anyone who wants something modern and unique for their home.

Metallics are a popular part of most holiday color schemes. They blend in perfectly with other holiday colors, especially red and white, which makes them easy to style.

They also happen to be trendy in other other decor and styles as well. To bring this popular option to your home during the holidays, here are some options worth considering:

Rather than piling on the metallic accents, one way to style this tree is to go with traditional red and green ornaments. Having a metallic background will really make these elements pop. They’ll stand out more than they would on a traditional option. And to make this style even more classic, pair it with red or white lights, and an evergreen garland.

You can go full modern and glam instead by pairing it with all white accents. Ornaments and white garland would create a wintry aesthetic without disguising the metallic too much.

Regardless of how you decide to style it, the point is that you can always do something new with your decor. Even if you prefer traditional elements, there are still ways to shake it up and refresh your looks this holiday season.


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