Giant Outdoor Christmas Ornaments

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Giant outdoor Christmas ornaments are exceptionally whimsical. They look like their larger than life selves sitting on your front porch or in your yard.

It’s easy when designing a holiday lawn, to skip over a lot of smaller areas. We tend to focus on the larger items, like lighted decorations and inflatables, since these are the obvious highlight. But there are other areas in your yard that could use some holiday cheer!

To really dress up your lawn, check out these gorgeous options:

Extra Large Christmas Ornaments

Different Shapes

The one thing that stands out the most that each of these are a different shape or style. From your standard round ornament, to a teardrop one.

There are also a variety of finishes and color available too. You can choose from glitter or glossy.

How to Use Them

In terms of design, there are tons of places that you can use these items. They look great in flower beds, around the porch, along walkways, underneath trees, and in between any larger decor items you’re using. Basically, you can use them anywhere that feels plain or under-decorated.

Your other option is to treat them more traditionally, and hang them. They make a great ornaments for outdoor trees, evergreen or otherwise. Pair them with meteor lights for an easy, but gorgeous design.

You can also hang these from a porch or roof line. (As with anything you hang, just make sure it’s not in the way of people walking underneath them.)

If you do plan to hang them, just make sure you’re getting a set that allows for that. Some options are not completely round, or capable of hanging, since they’re made to be used on the ground. (Because of this, they have features to help you secure them in the ground.)

So double check the product information before you buy it.

Other Features

Most (if not all) of these are suitable for indoor use as well, in case you just absolutely love one but don’t really do much outside as far as decorating each year.

Decorating with these giant outdoor Christmas ornaments is sure to be a fun time.



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