Farmhouse Christmas Tree Topper

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Finish your holiday decorating on a high note, with these farmhouse Christmas tree topper options. These toppers are the perfect blend of cozy and bold, ideal for being the focal point of any type of ornament and light arrangement.

And the great thing about this particular style is that it pairs rustic and modern perfectly, so you don’t have to worry about having your decor look mismatched.

Why is it Important?

Of course, anything you place at the top of the focal point of your holiday decor, is going to influence the overall look. That’s what makes them a great way to tie all of your decor together.

Why go Rustic?

The appeal of any rustic decor is in it’s coziness. It uses a lot of elements that we commonly associate with the classic American home, like wood, natural fiber fabrics, and galvanized metal. As such, there’s just something very homey and warm about styles that incorporate this type of decor.

Here are some great looking options worthy of topping off your holiday:

When looking for your ideal option, make sure you’re paying attention to what you want to highlight. Something like a bow will emphasize all of the fabric elements in the room, metal will emphasize other shiny elements, etc.

With design in mind, you’re sure to find a farmhouse Christmas tree skirt that will be the perfect final touch to your holiday decor.


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