Farmhouse Christmas Tree Ornaments

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These farmhouse Christmas tree ornaments are the perfect way to add a rustic touch to any modern style design.

Rustic styles are ideal for the holidays, no matter what your usual decor looks like. The added texture and natural elements are a great way to make your home feel warm and cozy. Perfect for the time of year when you want to keep out the cold, and surround yourself with friends and family.

In order to get this style, there’s a few different things to look for. The most common materials will be plant materials, like wood, branches, etc. Painted wooden ornaments and birch branches are common examples of this.

There’s also a lot of fabric items, made of things like canvas and burlap. The fabrics usually have aged looking prints, or are done in classic patterns like buffalo check or gingham.

These traditional, natural elements are what give this style it’s homey feel. It’s the perfect way to compliment or contrast the plastic, glass, metal, and stone that tend to dominate modern decor.

Here are some great decoration options that you can try:

There are plenty of great indoor Christmas decorations done in this style. With a little searching, it’s easy to find one that will work with just about any decor. So cozy up and add a rustic, traditional touch to you home this holiday.



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