Easy Outdoor Christmas Lights

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Make your holiday decorating easier with these easy outdoor Christmas lights. Don’t break out the ladder and tape just yet. There are plenty of simple, festive ways to decorate your lawn, and the exterior of your house. Here are some great products that allow you to decorate to your heart’s content, without all the fuss.

Icicle Style Lighting

These rain or meteor lights are close to what you would expect from traditional lighting, however they’re much simpler to set up. Rather than fussing with string after string that you have to attach section by section, these are meant to dangle off a tree branch of roof line. As such, you only have to worry about attaching part of them in order to get their full effect.

You’ll still have to break out the ladder and tape for these, bu they require less work overall. You need fewer strands to make a grand statement, and they’re easy to attach.

Christmas Window Silhouettes

One way to decorate the exterior of your home without ever setting foot outside, is to use window decorations. Things like curtain lighting, battery operated candles, and silhouettes, are all popular options.

These options are just as festive as any other, however you don’t have to brave the cold in order to set them up. You hang them in the window from the the inside of the house, and then plug them in. That’s it!

Another great aspect of these is that they can be enjoyed from the inside of the house as well. That makes them the perfect option for anyone who wants to maximize their efforts.


Projectors are a great because they give you the option to have an entire show on your wall, rather than just a display. They function by displaying lighted images against whatever background you set up. Typically, this means they’ll face front wall of your house, although there are certainly other options for where to direct them.

There are also a variety of displays that you can choose from. You can have white snowflakes, multi-color ornaments, or even a holiday countdown. The choice is up to you.

Installing these couldn’t be simpler. For most models, all you have to do is stake them in the ground and set the timer. Plenty of options run on solar or battery power, so you won’t even have to worry about plugging them in.

Lighted Silhouettes

These options are a great way to get a lot of illumination and decor, without the hassle. These figures are made entirely of bulbs, or have bulbs already built in. This means that you simply have to place them and then plug them in.

They come styled as plenty of popular holiday figures, such as reindeer, snowmen, or Santa and his sleigh. There are plenty of options to suit whatever style you’re going for in your yard.

I like these options because they make a bold statement without the fuss. They’re perfect for disguising the fact that you don’t have a lot of other lighting or decor.

Pathway Markers

Pathway markers do exactly as their name suggests, you can put them along a path in order to illuminate it. They come in plenty of festive designs, like Christmas trees, candy canes, popular holiday figures, and more.

In order to set these up, all you need to do is stake them in the ground! Most are solar or batter powered, since you wouldn’t want any unsightly cords running along the ground.

These also have the benefit of being a functional option. Most people use them to illuminate the path to the front door, or along the driveway. This can help you and your guests find their way through the those dark, winter evenings.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to use these in your design. Place them along any border, physical or imaginary and you’ve got a perfectly lighted outline. Don’t be afraid to get creative.

Decorating Made Simple

Don’t let the difficulty of hanging up traditional holiday lighting keep you from the yard of your dreams. There are plenty of simpler, safer ways to make sure your yard and merry and bright!



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