DIY Mason Jar Christmas Gift Ideas

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DIY Christmas gifts are my favorite to make and receive. They are unique and always give you a good feeling.

Of course it’s nice to receive well-thought out gifts, but receiving something handmade is just that much more special.

If you are thinking of giving a handmade gift, I’m sure the person it’s meant for will be very lucky to receive it.

Mason Jar Gifts

Why mason jars? Because they are affordable, on trend, and practical. They are the perfect gift! You can even buy them in bulk.

For DIY mason jar gift ideas, keep reading below.

Christmas Candy Jars DIY

This DIY is very simple, but is still a great gift idea. You just decorate the outside of the jars, and fill the insides with store-bought candy.

Although it may seem too simplistic, I think it works better in a set or as a party favor or housewarming type of gift.

Personalized Mason Jars

I love the idea of this DIY because you can personalize it however you want. For example, the “BEST MOM” jar is adorable. This craft is super easy as well and only requires a hot glue gun and spray paint.

Recipes in a Jar Christmas Gift

I think we’ve all seen these cookie, brownie, hot cocoa, etc. recipe in a jar ideas; but I like this video because there are a variety of recipes and her jars are decorated very nicely, but in a way that’s also easy to replicate.

Christmas Candle Holder Jar

This craft is a little more involved, but is no match for an avid crafter. I like this idea because it’s definitely a well rounded gift. It’s something easy enough to make for a lot of people, but something that everyone can enjoy as well.

That’s it for these DIY mason jar Christmas gift ideas. I hope you found these as fun and interesting as I did.

It has definitely inspired me to be more crafty this season.



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