Disney Christmas Outdoor Decorations

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Make your yard fun for all ages with Disney Christmas outdoor decorations. There’s no better way to usher in the holidays than with your friends, family, and favorite, timeless characters.

What makes these movies and shows special is that they’re easy to love at any age. Many people grow up with them, and then never quite grow apart from them. They’re universal themes and relatable characters make them enjoyable at any point in life.

So why not make them a part of your holiday season? Here are some cute options that you can consider adding to your yard.

Our Picks

These are our picks for great options. It includes a variety of movies, including classics and newer favorites.

And if you don’t see what you want here, you can click on any of the links to see related products.

Disney Princess Christmas Inflatable

Gemmy Airblown Inflatable Birthday Party Cinderella with Present, 3.5 ft Tall, BlueGemmy Airblown Inflatable Birthday Party Cinderella with Present, 3.5 ft Tall, BlueCheck Price on Amazon


Enjoy winter along with this inflatable Cinderella figure. She’s ready for winter with her fur muffler and overcoat, and her traditional white and blue dress is the perfect accent to any snow covered yard.

Cinderella is a classic fairy tale and most of us have experienced her story in one way or another. As such, she’d a great accent to add to your outdoor holiday decor.

Frozen Inflatable Christmas Decorations

Disney Frozen Elsa Christmas Inflatable Airblown Blow Up 3.5 feet Baby with BannerDisney Frozen Elsa Christmas Inflatable Airblown Blow Up 3.5 feet Baby with BannerCheck Price on Amazon


Check Price on Amazon

If you’re going for winter decor, Frozen is the perfect movie to choose. After all, it has so many winter themed elements in the story. Olaf is a great option that everyone, even people who haven’t seen the movie, can enjoy.

As a snowman, he also make a seamless addition to any existing decor you might have. He’s not going to look out of place, even with Santa and some reindeer nearby.

Star Wars AT-AT Imperial Walker Inflatable

Check Price on Amazon

Of course, everyone’s new favorite Disney property can’t be left out. Enjoy the battle of Hoth all over again with this large Star Wars Christmas inflatable.

These ones are the perfect unexpected touch to any decor. They’re fun, and instantly recognizable. You can even claim your yard as part of the Galactic Empire by adding in Darth Vader or some some storm troopers.

Other Options

If you’re not a huge fan of inflatables, don’t forget that smaller options like pathway markers are also available online. And there are plenty of other favorite cartoons and characters available as well.

Creating Your Holiday Yard

When it comes to products like these, the temptation is to make sure that everything is matched, under one movie or theme. That can certainly look good, like the Star Wars example described above, but it doesn’t have to be your only option.

A lot of people enjoy more than one movie under this company. If you’re one of those people, why not mix and match? Give every character their own spot in your yard, or put them all together for an eclectic style.

The point with any holiday decor is to have fun, so do what makes you most happy. There are plenty of great choices, so fill your yard with as much Disney Christmas outdoor decorations and nostalgia and enjoyment as you can.



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