Christmas Window Candle Lights

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For a vintage look without the fire hazard, pick up some Christmas window candle lights. They can give your home that cozy, antique look without the fuss.

These lights are a classic touch that’s perfect for anyone who prefers traditional decor. They’re also unique in that they can be used for interior and exterior decorating at the same time.

You can place them outside your shades in order for them to be seen from outdoors, or keep them inside the shades to enjoy them in your home. And to have them seen in both places, just pull your shades up and out of the way.

If you’re looking for this practical and pretty option for your holiday decor, here are some options to consider:

When shopping, make sure your getting a set that comes with stands. Unless you already have a set of your own ready to go, you’re going to need them to make a proper display.

It’s also important to consider battery life. Since you’ll probably be using a lot of them, you don’t want to have to constantly replace battery after battery. Not only is that tiresome, but it’s also not cost effective.

With the right set of Christmas candle window lights, you can turn the interior and exterior of your home into a cozy, holiday escape.



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