Christmas Party Games for Kids

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Keeping the kids occupied during holiday parties can be challenging. Visiting family and friends isn’t always entertaining to young children.

They’d much rather be playing with their toys at home or visiting with their friends. After just a little while, they can start to get a little restless. If you are worried about some parties you have to bring your kids along to, here are some Christmas party game ideas for kids.

Christmas Cookie Decorating

Decorating Cookies is a holiday favorite. Whether it’s sugar or gingerbread cookies, it’s not hard to prepare baked cookies and frosting to be piped on top. This requires very little supervision and of course the best part is that they get to be eaten after you finish.

Snowman Dress-Up

Make a simple snowman suit using cardboard paper or poster-board. Cut out 2 large white circles, then 2 slightly bigger white circles from the cardboard or poster material. These will be the two base mounds of the snowman costume. Then cut out 2 long 1-2 inch thick strips from the same material to glue the circles onto. These will act like suspenders to make the costume easy to put on.

After the costume is ready, all you need to do is prepare the dress-up accessories. A black hat, carrot nose, buttons, scarf, etc. These can be glued or stuck onto the lucky individual who gets to wear the snowman costume.

More Snowman Costume Ideas:

Christmas Karaoke

Have a laptop or tablet set up with some sing-a-long Christmas music videos from YouTube. These are easy and quick to find ahead of time and create a playlist from. Just bring along a fake (or real for extra fun) microphone for the kids to use to sing with. This activity also requires little supervision and should keep them having fun singing and dancing their little hearts out.

Kid’s Christmas Activities

I hope those ideas were helpful to you. It’s nice to keep the kids in mind instead of just telling them to keep quiet and behave. They want to have fun too! Be sure to get the host’s permission ahead of time. These can be fun activities that all the kids at the party can enjoy together.

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Christmas Party Games for Kids


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