Christmas Decorations Frequently Asked Questions

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Have some questions about Christmas decorations? This page should be able to help you out.

From when to put them up to when to put them down, this is your ultimate guide on Christmas Decorations.

Christmas Decoration Times

As soon as November comes around, it’s time to start digging out the Christmas decorations. But when exactly to unbox all that decor and set it up is a difficult question.

Here is some advice to help you decide the right

When Should Christmas Decorations Go Up?

This one is tricky to answer because everyone’s preference is different. There are three main times that people put up decorations. What you choose really depends on your feelings about the holidays.

Huge Christmas decoration lover’s might start on November 1st, the day after Halloween. But to some people that’s way too early considering Thanksgiving wouldn’t have even passed yet.

If you do have a set of fall decorations, then I would wait to put up decorations. If not, why not enjoy your Christmas decor as long as possible? Put it up as soon as Christmas music starts playing in stores.

The second popular time is right after Thanksgiving or Black Friday. For a lot of people, this makes the most sense given the large gap between Thanksgiving and the Christmas season.

But even that may still be too early for some people who are still too full from Thanksgiving dinner to do some much physical activity. Not to mention the fact that you may still be recovering from having guests and family over.

That’s what makes December 1st one of the most popular times to start putting up Christmas decor. It’s officially the start of the last month of the year, and there may even be snow on the ground.

But, if you’re one to procrastinate, at least a week before Christmas is also a good enough time to start putting the tree, lights, and trimmings up. As long as it happens before Christmas Eve, you’ll be fine.

Choosing Your Time

In general, the key is to plan your decor around your Thanksgiving plans. If you want to enjoy your fall decor, put up your decorations right on December 1st. For a longer break, you can even wait into mid or late December.

And if you love your holiday decor, you can enjoy it through the whole season, and put up your decorations in early November.

When Do Christmas Decorations Come Down?

If you want to know when to take down your Christmas decorations, for most people the answer is January 1st (New Year’s Day). You can also do it directly afterwards, if you want to rest after your New Year’s Eve party.

Although some argue that The Twelve Days of Christmas isn’t over until January 5th at midnight, so you would then take the tree down on January 6th.

But the majority will agree that taking it down before February 1st is probably the best practice.

Where to Get Christmas Decorations

If you’re looking for great decor, there are plenty of places you can find it! Here is some advice on when to buy, and how to get decorations for cheap!

Where to Buy Christmas Decorations?

Not to sound condescending at all, but you can buy Christmas Decorations pretty much anywhere!

If you’re having trouble finding some, you may be looking a little too early.

Around Thanksgiving time, the big box stores are usually well stocked with Christmas Decorations.

For indoor decorations, you can go to any homeware or housewares store, as well as any superstores, or more well-known department stores.

For outdoor decorations, you can check superstores and home improvement retailers.

You may try secondhand options like thrift stores and yard sales too.

Don’t forget about shopping online as well! You can find a lot of decorations from the same big retailers mentioned above, as well as some smaller retailers who specialize in Holiday decor.

Where to Buy Christmas Ornaments?

Superstores like Walmart and Target will carry a selection of ornaments for the holidays, as well as some department stores like Macy’s.

But if you’re looking for a discount on a bulk amount, I would recommend checking out The Dollar Tree or Big Lots.

Other than that, buying online is always an option.

Where to Buy Christmas Decorations Cheap?

If you’re looking for a discount on Christmas Decorations, you can check retailers that are known for their low prices. I would recommend Walmart, Big Lots, The Dollar Tree, etc.

Storage and Organization

Of course, a large part of holiday decor is storage. Since decorations are temporary, you’ll need a way to keep them during the rest of the year.

Here are some storage options and tips to make keeping and accessing your decor easier.

How to Store Christmas Decorations

For most people, storing Christmas decorations will be as easy as putting them in cardboard boxes of plastic tubs. If they’re feeling fancy, they might even put labels on them.

If there are fragile items like glass ornaments, you can simply wrap them in newspaper or bubblewrap before putting them in the boxes.

If that sounds too chaotic for you, you’ll have to go looking for ornament organizers and similar items.

How to Organize Christmas Decorations

Honestly, putting them away in a few boxes is the most popular way of doing things. However, that will definitely work for some people.

If you’re looking for a better way, check out these tips to organize your Christmas decorations.

Holiday Decorations Guide

Christmas decorations are a great way to enjoy the holiday season. You can use them to express your own creativity, or have everyone participate! Make memories by letting everyone contribute and help with set-up.

Regardless of what you choose, remember that the season is all about faith, family, and gratitude. Don’t get so caught up in the all the technical decisions that you loose sight of that.

Hopefully this guide to our most frequently asked question about Christmas decorations can help.

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