Cheap Icicle Tree Tinsel

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One of the easiest, most affordable ways to jazz up your Christmas tree for the holidays is to drape tinsel over it.

It can often be an afterthought or omitted altogether, because we focus so much on getting the ornaments and the lighting just right.

But as a finishing touch, it can take your tree to the next level, and make it that much more over-the-top.

The best is that it’s quite affordable. Too see what’s available to create that icicle effect, see the options below:

Unlike most tree trimmings which can add up quickly when you are trying to cover a whole tree, tinsel is something you can buy in bulk for cheap.

So you should have no problem having enough to cover a tree with, even after buying just one or two packs.

The ones shown above are colored to create the “icicle” effect.

That means they are mostly silver and very shiny.

You can find tinsel in many different colors though. However, these silver ones work particularly well with blue and white color schemes.



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