Cheap Christmas Stockings

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You’ll find the usual suspects decorating these cheap Christmas stockings, snowmen, Santa Claus, and reindeer. There are a variety of patterns and colors as well, not just red and green!

These are perfect for tying your theme together or as last-minute decorations. To see all of the sets, keep reading below.

3D Stockings (Set of Three)

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These have the classic red and green colors, as well as a few familiar faces including santa claus, snowman, and reindeer. The snowflakes are a nice finishing touch. These are 18″ long and are ready to pack a lot of goodies into.

Knit Stockings (Set of Four)

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These are knit stockings that honestly resemble some very comfy socks. They are simple in design with solid colors ivory and burgundy. They are 18″ in length and are perfect for a minimalist theme.

Farmhouse Plaid Country Christmas Stockings (Set of Three)

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These are definitely reminiscent of Christmas’s at Grandma’s. They also certainly have a distinct style. If you’re a fan of plaid or this farmhouse look, then this style is perfect. They are 18″ long and are well crafted.

Festive Holiday Stockings

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These stockings are very eye-catching. There are a lot of little details that add that extra something, such as the fur trim around the coats of the characters. They are made of a blend of cozy fabrics like wool and cotton.

There are some fun holiday stocking sets available online. They look incredibly festive and are actually quite affordable. If you’re in need of some stockings to hang on your mantle, tree, or even staircase, consider getting one of these cheap Christmas stocking sets.



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