Baking Themed Christmas Ornaments

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As someone who loves to bake, I can understand the draw to baking themed Christmas ornaments.

They are kitsch and adorable. Some of them can be super detailed as well.

Baking reminds of of the holidays and is a nostalgic activity for most people. Even those who aren’t confident in baking give it a try around Thanksgiving or Christmas time.

If you’re looking for some baking ornaments to decorate your tree with this year or to give to a friend, keep reading to see all of our ideas below.

Kitchen Apron Ornament

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We’re off to a tremendous start with this adorable red kitchen apron ornament. In the pockets are kitchen utensils that are a necessity for any baker and a tiny oven mitt as well.

This one would make an excellent gift.

Stand Mixer Ornament

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I seriously can’t get over how adorable each of these are! This stand mixer ornament is no different. I like the added touch of some kitchen tools hanging from the bottom.

Glass Blown Cupcake Ornaments

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I love baking so much, one year I even had a separate mini Christmas tree that I hung only desserts on. It was quite fun to decorate.

These cupcakes would’ve fit perfectly on my dessert tree.

I would have thought that it would be hard to find cupcake ornaments not made of foam, but I was pleasantly surprised to see that these were made of glass.

Measuring Spoons Ornament

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If it’s two things I am consistently using in baking are measuring cups and measuring spoons.

These will definitely represent the inner baker in you or your friend who loves to bake.

These are made of hand blown glass as well which gives them greater detail as you can see.

Grandma’s Fridge 2019 Ornament

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No one loves baking more than Grandma and this ornament is here to prove it. This fridge ornament is stocked with all the goodies you’d expect to see in your Grandma’s fridge.

This ornament is very detailed, and would make a great gift for Grandma but works as a personal keepsake as well.

This one is dated for the year 2019.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Ornament

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If it’s one thing every baker has, it’s a favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe. Growing up I used to always go by the one on the back of the bag of chocolate chips that I bought from the grocery store.

It was hard to mess up and always came out pretty good, but as I’ve gotten older, I’ve had fun experimenting with different recipes and techniques to make my own version of the best chocolate chip cookies.

This ornament will surely be appreciated by any fans of baking out there.

Kitchen Utensil Ornaments

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If you want to be a little more on the nose about the baking theme, this set of kitchen utensil ornaments is a good choice.

I like that this is a set, so you can hang them all around the tree to easily create the theme or look that you’re going for.

As opposed to buying multiple related ornaments.

This is a more affordable, yet still effective option.

Kitchen and Dessert Christmas Ornaments

That’s it for our picks for best baking themed Christmas ornaments.

Whether it’s for yourself or someone close to you who loves to bake, there are a variety of decorative baking ornaments to choose from.

If you want to go with specific desserts, you can always go for cookies, cakes, or cupcakes.

For a different approach such as tools and utensils, kitchen utensils and appliances are an option too.

For a tight budget, it would be best to get an ornament set or a really detailed ornament that will impress recipients and guests alike.



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