Animated Christmas Yard Decorations

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If you want to take your inflatables to the next level this holiday season, try animated Christmas yard decorations. They’ll bring an extra touch of whimsy and cheer to any lawn.

Typically, holiday decor is static. It looks nice, but it’s all just stationary lights and images. But not all decor has to be that way.

What Makes These Different?

In this case, animation refers to the fact that these inflatables have moving parts. A motor or other type of mechanical device will move or rotate specific areas of the inflatable, so that it looks more lively. As for what parts move, that really depends on the design of the inflatable.

Here are some unique options that you can check out:

These options may seem complicated, but they’re not all that different from the typical inflatables. In most cases, set up, tear down, and storage will follow a similar process to inflatables that don’t move. The main difference is the effect they’ll have on your design.

Moving parts have a huge visual impact; they make an excellent focal point. Even options that only have a single, small, moving part are going to bring some life into your decor.

So get ready to jazz up your curb appeal this year with these animated Christmas yard Decorations.


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