5 Fun Family Christmas Tradition Ideas

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The holidays are the best time of year because you get to spend them with friends and family.

Mostly everyone is off work or school on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day as well, which makes it an especially unique time of year.

Since everyone is getting together, it’s the perfect time to bond like you couldn’t get the chance too earlier in the year.

For ideas on how exactly to do that, see five our best ideas for fun family Christmas traditions below.

Five Fun Family Christmas Tradition Ideas

1. Christmas Eve Present Preview

It may seem all too impatient, but one tradition idea is for everyone to gather around and open one gift on Christmas Eve. While it may even seem pointless considering the next day all gifts will be open, the anticipation is what makes it very exciting.

Everyone’s been waiting for at least a month to open all their gifts, but letting them have just a little preview of what’s to come the next day builds up the anticipation even more so that the big day is even better.

2. Matching Pajamas

Something that is fun for the whole family and looks great in pictures and videos is wearing a family set of matching pajamas. You can even find sets that include matching pajamas for your dog too!

If that seems a bit extreme or unpractical, you can just try to find a particular shirt, sweater, or print/pattern that is offered in a variety of sizes.

3. Cookie Decorating Contest

It’s custom for children to leave out cookies and glass of milk for Santa on Christmas Eve. Why not step it up a notch and get the whole family involved in a cookie decorating contest.

If you aren’t an avid baker, you can buy refrigerated sugar cookie dough, sprinkles, gel frosting, frosting for the top of the cookies, etc. at the grocery store.

4. Family Movie

If you’ll be hosting the Christmas party or you have lots of friends to visit, Christmas day can actually get pretty hectic. You don’t want to forget what’s most important and miss out on spending time with the ones you love most.

Watching a movie with breakfast or at night after all the festivities of the day have finished gives you that dedicated time to spend as a family.

5. Christmas Karaoke

If sitting down in front of screen is not your thing, then you can try something a little more active like dancing and singing.

Load up your favorite holiday songs to your bluetooth speaker and jam out with your family.

You can even go all out and get props like hats, glasses, scarfs, etc. Toy microphones would be the icing on the cake.

That’s it for our fun family Christmas tradition ideas. I hope you liked our ideas or were at least inspired by them to create on of your own.

As you can see, there’s many activities you can easily do as a family to bond without spending too much money.

Good luck trying them all out!



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