12 Days of Christmas Lyrics Printable

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The 12 Days of Christmas is one of the most popular songs to be sung during the holiday season. Surprisingly though, it can be hard to get your hands on a printable lyrics sheet for the song.

Of course for events like for school, church, or charity, a sheet with the printed lyrics would be very helpful.

Christmas choirs and carolers are in need of such a thing as well.

Well, if you are are also looking for a printable of the lyrics, you don’t have to worry any longer. You can download one for free right here!

12 Days of Christmas Lyrics PNG File


Right click on the lyrics and select “save as” to download the picture file, or click the “Download” button below it.

The file type is .png and is a picture file type.

12 Days of Christmas Lyrics PDF File

To download the lyrics as a .pdf document, click the “Download PDF” button above. The document will be just like the .png pictured above, only in PDF format.

12 Days of Christmas Lyrics Multiple Pages PDF

To download the lyrics in a bigger font size as a .pdf document with multiple pages, click the “Download PDF” button above. This version is suitable for those who prefer the lyrics be printed out in larger font on multiple pages so it is easier to read.

Printing Tips

To print the pdf documents, you can use a free program called “Adobe Reader“. Once you are in the print dialog window, be sure to select “fit” so that nothing is left off of the page when you print.

Terms of Use

These printables are free of use for commerical and personal reasons. The only restrictions that apply are that you are not free to re-distribute them as-is for free.

Direct them to this page if you are trying to share a download. Also, do not directly link (hot link) to the file. Direct them to this page instead.

Good luck!


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